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Cremation is a choice that many people make and the number of people choosing this form of disposition is rising each year. In some cases, it is a choice made with regard to cost, in still others it may be religious reasons, environmental concerns or other considerations. No matter how a loved one or family arrives at this choice, Anthony Cappetta is prepared to honor your wishes and see to it that the significance of your loved one’s life is honored with dignity.

Many families honor the wishes of Cremation after celebrating their loved one’s life with a visitation/viewing (an urn or casket may be used for visitation) or memorial service at our location or at a worship or community space. A full religious or simple memorial service may even occur at a graveside or chapel if a family chooses to have the ashes placed in a family plot or near a loved one.

Cremation followed by burial in consecrated ground is an approved rite of burial by the Catholic Church. Scattering of cremated remains in specified locations is also a method many families choose to honor the wishes of their loved one. We take our responsibility very seriously in our Cremation service. A licensed director will oversee the cremation of the remains and return the remains to the family. We provide a series of options with Cremation Urns to be used for mausoleum or cemetery interment, for safekeeping in a family home or a suitable receptacle for the family’s ability to scatter the remains. We will facilitate whatever desires the family requests.